ayurvedic Hair Care

Ayurvedic Hair Care for Faster Hair Growth in Women

If you're struggling with hair loss or slow hair growth, you might be interested in trying an ayurvedic approach to hair care. Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that originated in India and aims to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. In addition to dietary and lifestyle changes, ayurvedic hair care often includes using natural herbs and oils to promote hair growth. Keep reading to learn more about how this approach can help you achieve faster hair growth.

What is Ayurveda and how can it help your hair grow faster?

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that originated in India and is thought to date back thousands of years. It follows the principle that optimal health comes when your body's essential elements are balanced. Today, Ayurvedic principles are being incorporated into specialized treatments for Hair care and Hair fall. It has been clinically established that ayurvedic remedies not only prevent hair fall but also help restore strength and luster to your hair. Regular use of these solutions can even help reduce grey hair and bald patches as well as stimulate hair growth faster than conventional methods. Moreover, most components used in these solutions are natural, making them safe for all types of skin and non-irritating to scalp. Thus, by following Ayurvedic principles one can achieve better health for their hair along with other therapeutic benefits such as improved digestion, stress relief and energy rejuvenation.

The best ayurvedic herbs for hair growth

Ayurvedic herbs have been used for centuries to promote healthy hair growth. Most of these herbs help nourish the scalp and strengthen your hair follicles from within. Popular herbs that help stimulate hair growth include Brahmi, Bhringraj, Amla, Shikakai, and Hibiscus. Brahmi has long been thought to help improve circulation in your scalp which helps provide more nutrients to accelerate hair growth. Bhringraj is known as a "king of herbs" as it repairs damaged hair follicles promoting healthy and strong new strands. Amla is loaded with vitamins that are vital for rejuvenating dry and brittle hair while Shikakai contains natural saponins which act like a mild cleanser that opens the pores on the scalp and controls excess oil. Finally, Hibiscus is rich in carotene, amino acids, proteins, and vitamins A & C which all work together to stimulate thicker and fuller locks. Using these key ayurvedic herbs will undoubtedly be beneficial for keeping your scalp clean, maintaining healthy pH levels and strengthening your strands from within.

How to prepare an ayurvedic hair oil at home

An ayurvedic hair oil is an ancient remedy known for naturally nourishing and conditioning hair. Preparing an ayurvedic hair oil at home is simple, requiring only a few natural ingredients like herbs, oils and essential oils. To make your own ayurvedic hair oil at home, start by mixing the desired base oil (jojoba, coconut or sesame) with ground herbs in equal amounts. Then add essential oils like rosemary, lavender, or tea tree according to your preference. Once you’re happy with the blend of your hair oil, place it in a clean container with a lid and store it away from sunlight for 30-45 days in order for the herbs to infuse into the base carrier oils. Your homemade ayurvedic hair oil can be safely used as needed to nourish and condition your scalp and hair strands after shampooing - leading to stronger and healthier locks!

How to use an ayurvedic hair mask for faster hair growth

For those looking to naturally promote hair growth, an ayurvedic hair mask can be a great solution. Ayurveda is an ancient practice of healing that utilizes a holistic approach, utilizing herbal and home ingredients. An effective ayurvedic hair mask needs to contain herbs and oils that will nourish the scalp and stimulate the follicles while restoring and nourishing the strands - some ingredients to look out for are fenugreek seeds, regal basil, aloe vera, yogurt and essential oils like coconut oil or almond oil. While there is no ’one-size-fits-all’ recipe when it comes to creating your own DIY hair mask - depending on your individual needs - this treatment can hydrate hair strands, improve blood circulation in the scalp area, reduce inflammation and help stimulate new hair growth.

The best ayurvedic shampoo and conditioner for faster hair growth

Ayurvedic shampoos and conditioners are a must-have for people looking to promote healthier, faster hair growth. Ayurvedic ingredients have natural minerals, vitamins, and oils that stimulate the scalp and encourage healthier circulation. This helps to nourish the follicles and keep the hair moisturized for longer periods of time, which is necessary for healthy growth. Additionally, Ayurveda has special treatments like Amla oil and Brahmi oil that are highly effective in strengthening damaged follicles. When looking for an Ayurvedic shampoo and conditioner, it is important to choose ones with these natural ingredients as they will offer the best results. Lastly, you should make sure that the shampoo and conditioner works with your unique hair type in order to get optimal hair growth results.


In conclusion, those seeking faster hair growth can try Ayurveda as an effective option. Incorporating herbs, oils, and masks prepared from natural ingredients is a gentle yet powerful way to treat your hair and scalp in order to promote fast hair growth. You can even find amazing ayurvedic shampoo and conditioners that are geared towards making your locks shine and strengthening them too. And most importantly, don't forget to take care of yourself from the inside out with the nourishing effects of Ayurveda! Try some of the tips above today and you'll see the results for yourself – happy head of hair!