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Eyelash Hacks: 9 Ways to Have Fuller, Longer Eyelashes

Having long luscious eyelashes is a beauty standard in the female community, and it's no longer a wonder that various cosmetic companies are endorsing eyelash products. However, your eyelashes do not exist just to make you look beautiful. In reality, these feathery strands of hair protect your eyes from dirt and other harmful objects.
Your eyes draw attention. For men and women, having large eyes is an attractive characteristic, and your eyelashes help to emphasize and make your eyes look bigger. Thus, many women invest bucks and effort to grow beautiful eyelashes.

The Life Cycle of Eyelashes

Your eyelashes also follow a life cycle, just like the hair on your scalp. Lashes start emerging during the anagen phase, which can last for more than 30 days. After the growth stage, your eyelash strands begin to detach from your hair follicles during the catagen phase. After some time, your lashes undergo the telogen or resting phase before you finally say goodbye to your eyelids. Another strand pops up from the follicles, and the cycle repeats.
Your eyelashes pretty much need your help to keep on thriving and beautifying you. Let's learn nine ways on how to achieve thicker, longer eyelashes.

9 Ways to Guarantee Fuller, Longer Eyelashes

1. Apply a generous amount of eyelash growth serum.

    When you think of lengthening your lashes, eyelash growth serums are among the first things many women strive to have.
    Serums are healthy and active moisturizing agents for your eyelashes. These products provide you with vital vitamins and minerals for stimulating hair growth. Eyelash serums also contain nontoxic ingredients, thereby assuring your eyes' safety.
    An effective serum for your lashes must contain bimatoprost, a chemical compound known to stimulate hair growth in the anagen phase. This substance allows your eyelash hair to keep growing.
    Look for an eyelash serum enriched with hair growth nutrients such as keratin, biotin, Vitamin E, and peptides. 

    2. Include castor oil in your hair growth regimen.

    Castor oil has been a controversial ingredient for hair growth. This essential oil is known as a growth booster for your mane. Yet, many people are still in doubt about castor oil's effects on eyelashes. 

    This extract is rich in ricinoleic acid that is loaded with triglycerides. These lipids act as moisturizing agents that coat your eyelashes and makes them look longer and more voluminous.

    Castor oil is also considered a safe hair growth tonic for your eyelashes since it has been used to treat eye irritations.

    When applying castor oil, dip a cotton bud into the essential oil and gently swab it on your eyelashes. Let your strands absorb the nutrients before rinsing with warm water.

    3. Brush your eyelashes.

    Brushing your eyelashes stimulates hair growth. This habit also helps to distribute the nutrients from your eyelash serum or moisturizer. Combing those strands upward also creates a thicker look for your eyelashes.
    To ensure better-looking eyelashes, choose the best type of brush for those hair strands. The best eyelash brush must have natural and soft bristles. It must be made from animal hair to prevent irritating your skin. The cuticle found in natural hair helps to remove oil and dirt, thereby preventing follicle damage.

    4. Apply a daily dose of Vitamin E extract.

    The use of Vitamin E as an eyelash vitamin has become a trendy beauty hack. It is said to amplify eyelash growth and thickness. 
    Vitamin E's job has no limitations when it comes to hair growth. This fat-soluble vitamin contains antioxidants that safeguard your hair follicles from oxidative stress. Applying pure vitamin oil on your eyelashes ensures your eyelashes' safety from preservatives and toxic chemical compounds. The thick consistency of this vitamin oil also keeps those eyelash strands sealed and coated. Therefore, apply Vitamin E oil to keep your lashes soft and moisturized.

     5. Use an eyelash curler.

    Curling your eyelashes is a life hack. With the help of a stainless tool, your eyelashes can accentuate your eyes. An eyelash curler invigorates your drooping hair strands, making your eyelashes look longer and healthier.

    However, you must be careful when clamping your eyelash curler. Too much pressure can break your strands. Thus, choose an eyelash curler that best fits your eyelid shape. Ensure that your curler has thick rubber foam to prevent strand breakage. 

    One must also be careful when using a warmed eyelash curler. Too much heat can dry your lashes and make them brittle. Therefore, clamp your eyelashes for a few seconds when using a heated curler.

    Curl your eyelashes first before applying your favorite mascara. Having curled eyelashes makes it easier for you to smear your liquid mascara, thus avoid staining your eyelash curler.  

    thicker and longer eyelashes

    6. Apply nontoxic and non-clumping mascara.

    This eyelash enhancer is a cosmetic favorite. Mascara products contain pigments, waxes, and oils to keep those strands popping. The most popular type of mascara comes in liquid form. Its black pigmented liquid formula of mascara gives your eyelashes a fuller and lengthier look.Since your lashes are rooted in your upper eyelids, it is crucial to choose nontoxic mascara as a makeup product. 
    Waterproof makeup products are also in-demand in the beauty market. However, applying waterproof mascara can dry your eyelashes. These products contain hydrophobic chemicals that prevent water from hydrating your lashes. 

    To remove waterproof mascara, use natural oil-based makeup remover. Oils can dissolve the hydrophobic compounds in your mascara. Women must never pick the clumping mascara off their eyelashes. Tugging those flakes weakens your strands and trigger eyelash hair loss.
    What is the most suitable mascara for your lashes? First, choose according to your hair needs. If you want to sport long eyelashes, then apply lengthening mascara. This type of mascara has long bristles to brush the liquid makeup from roots to ends, giving you thicker and longer eyelashes. However, if you want to solve your thinning eyelash problems, then opt to use volumizing mascara. This eye makeup product plumps and thickens your eyelashes with the help of the condensed mascara formula. For drooping eyelashes, you can apply curling mascara. Its spoolie brush is specially curved to aid you in curling those straight strands. Curling mascara also gives your eyelashes a lengthened look.

    7. Wear false eyelash extensions.

    If you can't wait for your eyelashes to grow before the sun rises, then wear some falsies. These extra strands are perfect for your instant eyelash thickening and lengthening. 
    Eyelash extensions can be temporary or semi-permanent. The most common type of lash extension is the eyelash strip. This variety of falsies can be made from human hair or synthetic strands and come in various lengths and density. The eyelash strip can be easily glued using a semi-permanent adhesive. 
    On the other hand, eyelash extensions can also be semi-permanent. Each extension is carefully glued in each eyelash strand to give a deceptive look of natural-looking eyelashes. Embedding eyelash extensions on your eyelids can also save you time from applying mascara.
    Is it safe to use eyelash extensions? Yes, they are safe for your eyes as long as you gently apply them on your eyelids. Secure a nontoxic eyelash glue to avoid eye irritations. Avoid rubbing your falsies, most especially if you have semi-permanent extensions. The intense stroking pressure can weaken your hair's grip on your follicles and cause both your falsies and natural strands to fall.

    8. Gently cleanse away any makeup residue.

    The skin surrounding your eyes is a sensitive area. Thus, removing your eye makeup can weaken your lashes and lose them one by one. The makeup residue can clog your pores, thus obstruct new hair strands from growing.
    Pour an adequate amount of makeup remover on your cotton pad. Let your wet wipe stay on your eyes for at least ten seconds to break down the chemicals found on your makeup. Then, gently swab the composition away. Rinse your face with a facial wash for double-cleansing.

    9. Sanitize your makeup tools.

    Who wants to spread germs on her eyelashes? No one wants bacteria to feast on their eyelashes. Therefore, do not skip sanitizing your makeup tools. Clean your eyelash brush, mascara spoolie, and eyelash curler all the time. Disinfecting these beauty tools prevent microbes from entering your hair follicles and impeding hair growth. Using well-rinsed tools also prevent unwanted microorganisms from damaging your eyes.
    What's the best way of sanitizing your makeup brushes? First, fill your container with lukewarm water. Then, pour your favorite liquid shampoo into the vessel. Gently whirl your makeup brushes to get rid of the entire gunk stuck to the bristles. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry. Don't store your wet brushes to avoid microbial accumulation. 

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    Bring Your Eyelashes to the Next Level.

    Having fuller and longer eyelashes can boost your self-confidence. Eyelashes emphasize your facial features and improve your overall appearance. But most of all, paying attention to your eyelashes needs helps to protect your most precious eyesight. 

    By following these easy-peasy tips, you'll be able to flaunt your eyelashes and project your unique beauty.

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