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Helpful Remedies and Foods for Your Hair Texture’s Makeover

If you think that having longer hair signifies healthier hair, you may need to correct that perception. Long hair does not always mean healthy hair growth. The hair strand quality also matters, especially thickness, elasticity, and texture. Some women have thick and coarse strands, while others have fine and smooth hair. If you are lucky enough to have thick and glossy hair, your hair can be considered in its perfect condition.
When your hair texture is smooth, it signifies that your strands are well-hydrated and well-protected against UV rays and pollutants. It also makes your hair irresistible to be touched. Having smooth hair texture also makes it easier to comb and style your tresses without causing damage and breakage.
What affects your hair surface, and how can you improve it? Find out the causes of poor hair texture and follow some remedies and diet tips to enhance your hair texture.

Why Oh Why: Causes of Poor Hair Texture

Below are some of the most common causes of having poor hair texture.

1. Heat

Heat is undeniably a primary culprit of hair texture problems. When heat penetrates your cuticles, it causes them to open, roughening your hair’s outer surface. As a result, your hair feels coarse due to the cracked cuticles. Prolonged sun exposure and usage of heat-styling tools are some prevalent sources of heat that can adversely affect your hair texture.

2. Physical Abrasions

Dehydration is not the only reason why your hair becomes rough. Bad hair care habits involving aggressiveness can be abrasive to your hair strands. Brushing your hair forcefully, especially when it is wet, can cause your hair cuticles to crack, leaving the surface coarse.

3. Nutrient Deficiency

Your hair should also be internally healthy to grow healthy-looking hair strands. If you want to ensure your hair’s ultra-smooth texture, be sure to have a substantial amount of the following in your diet:

a. Collagen   Your hair and skin require collagen’s help to preserve their healthy structure. Collagen is an essential protein responsible for maintaining the elasticity of your hair and skin and preventing damage. Hence, an abrupt and prolonged decrease in collagen production can thin your strands in diameter, making your hair smooth yet fragile due to lack of protein.   b. Vitamin E   It is also important to remember that vitamins play a vital role in maintaining healthy hair growth and structure. Among the primary contributors is vitamin E. Thanks to its potent antioxidant properties, it can fortify your immune system and protect the collagens against oxidative activities.   c. Zinc   Minerals are also as much vital as vitamins for hair growth. For instance, zinc is a trace element needed to balance the sebum production on your scalp. In this way, your hair strands are moisturized with your scalp’s natural oils without feeling super greasy. 

4. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones can affect how fast and healthy your hair follicles grow hair strands, and an erratic increase and decrease of your hormonal levels can adversely affect hair growth quality. Hence, women should not be surprised when they experience hair thinning during and after pregnancy and menopause since hormones fluctuate during these events. 

5. Minimal Use of Hair Moisturizing Products

Some women tend to ignore the vitality of hair moisturizing products in their hair care regimen. Moisturizers help coat each hair strand with a protective barrier against abrasions, heat, and pollutants. These products also help bring back the moisture after shampooing. Remember that shampoo products are made to eliminate oils and gunk, which may end up drying your hair and scalp. Therefore, slathering some moisturizing products after washing is an excellent follow-up to keep your hair texture pristine.

Home remedies to improve your hair texture

Home Remedies to Improve Your Hair Texture

How can you treat and improve your hair texture even when you are just at home? Follow any of these simple home remedies for your hair texture enhancement.

1. Slather some VCO after bath time.

Virgin coconut oil or VCO is one of the top choices for an instant hair fix. This essential oil contains fatty acids that repair and reseal the roughened hair cuticles, giving your hair a smoother texture. These fatty acids also make your hair strands plump, making your hair feel a lot thicker than before. It also has other benefits, moisturizing and cleansing your scalp. 

2. Use a microfiber cloth for drying your tresses.

A lot of your hair care habits are damaging for your hair texture. For instance, rubbing your hair with a dry towel can break the cuticles, roughening the strands and causing hair to entangle. You can avoid this frizzy hair fiasco by using a soft and smooth fabric as your towel. For instance, a microfiber cloth can pave the way towards healthier and smoother hair texture. It absorbs moisture faster than regular fabric. Its absorbent properties prevent you from rubbing the textile against your hair for some time, thereby mitigating external damage as much as possible. 

3. Treat your hair with an egg hair mask.

No budget for expensive hair treatments? Don’t worry, for you can make use of your eggs sitting on your trays. Eggs, especially their yolks, contain lecithin that has emollient properties. This fat-like substance helps coat your hair strands as protection against dehydration. Lecithin also boosts protein synthesis, making hair strands plump, tensile and durable. On the other hand, egg whites can also be used to remove excess oil build-up that makes your hair greasy. To make it even better, you can mix egg whites and yolks with other natural ingredients to make a hair concoction for hair texture.

4. Air-dry your hair before drying it with cool air.

Heat is one of your hair’s biggest enemies, especially when it is wet. Therefore, it is also of utmost importance to dry your hair as soon as possible to avoid breakage and damage. You can minimize the damage by air-drying your hair for at least 15 minutes before setting your blow-dryer in a cool setting. 

5. Boost your everyday diet with vitamin-and-mineral-packed meals.

Your hair’s external structure does not only depend on the products and tools that you apply and use, but it relies on the nutrients that make them healthily grow. A deficit in such nutrients can hamper the quality and quantity of hair growth. Therefore, you need to enrich your diet with foods packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants beneficial to hair growth.

Foods and drinks to eat for an improved hair texture

Healthy Diet Diaries: What Your Diet Needs for Improved Hair Texture

Here are the following foods that you should include in your daily intake to improve your hair texture.

1. Citrus Fruits

Heat, pollutants, and radiation are some factors that can damage your hair externally, penetrate your hair follicles and worsen hair growth quality. Luckily, vitamin C can help keep these oxidative stressors at bay. Hence, an ample amount of vitamin C will do you good and keep your hair texture smooth and tensile. Therefore, it would be best to add citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes, and kiwis, to your daily intake. You can also use citrus fruit extract to get that greasiness on the scalp away, making your hair strands less oily.

2. Beans, lentils, and nuts

As mentioned earlier, zinc can help improve your hair texture. Therefore, amplifying your body’s zinc levels can help cater to your hair care needs. Beans, lentils, and nuts are some of the zinc-enriched foods that you can enjoy in your everyday diet. 

3. Green Tea

Green tea is an effective detoxifying beverage that can benefit your hair follicles. Its antioxidants also maintain healthy hair follicle development, contributing to high-quality and smooth hair growth. Besides being a healthy drink, you can also use green tea as a natural hair rinse. Green tea contains polyphenols that help maintain your scalp’s sebum production for well-moisturized locks.

4. Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

This particular berry, better known as amla, is a miracle ingredient for your hair problems. Not only does it have antioxidant properties against hair loss, but its extract can also save your hair from thinning and greying. Amla is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and has humectant properties for your hair’s total protection against internal and external damages. You can opt to eat Indian fresh gooseberries or apply its extract onto your hair together with other natural ingredients.

Your Hair Texture’s Redemption Can Be Done at Home.

For your hair to be considered healthy, your hair should be both damage-free inside and outside. A poor diet can affect how hair follicles produce hair strands, while careless hair care habits can ruin the texture of your tresses. But don’t worry, for you can still redeem your hair’s glorious days without spending too much on hair care treatments. By following all the helpful home remedies and observing a healthy diet, you can bring your hair texture to perfection once again. 

Use the Best Hair Growth Products for Smooth Hair Texture.

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