scalp massage for hair growth

How to Do a Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

If you're experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, a scalp massage may be a helpful way to promote hair growth. In this blog post, we'll teach you how to do a scalp massage for maximum results. Keep reading to learn more!

Combing scalp

Place your thumbs on either side of your head, just above your ears.

Placing your thumbs on either side of your head, just above your ears can be a great way to release tension in your upper back and neck muscles. Acupressure applied at this point is thought to stimulate the sesamoid bone which connects the temporal muscle with the masseter muscle and helps relieve stress. Make sure that you apply gentle but firm pressure, increasing gradually until you feel a mild ache. Hold the pressure for a few seconds then release it, especially if it becomes painful or uncomfortable. Remember to take slow deep breaths while applying pressure to maximize the relaxing effect.

Use your fingertips to apply pressure and massage in small circles along your hairline.

Gently massaging your hairline can be a great way to help promote natural hair growth. Using your fingertips, lightly press and move around in small circles to massage the scalp. This process helps to relax the muscles while stimulating circulation which assists in initiating and accelerating the development of active follicles, leading to healthy hair growth. Taking five minutes a day out of your morning routine to stimulate your scalp will not only make you feel relaxed and refreshed but also promote long-term healthy hair growth.

Work your way down the sides of your head, using both hands to massage evenly.

A head massage can be a great way to de-stress and relax after a long day. Starting at the top of your head, run both hands down the sides of your skull using gentle circular motions. Keep going until you reach the ears and then work your way around them in slow circles. Continue stimulating all areas of your scalp while optimizing pressure points to best induce calmness and help reduce tension from a stressful day.

Finish by massaging the back of your neck with both hands for relaxation.

Having taken time for yourself to relax and reset, it's important to give your neck some attention too. A simple massage with both hands can help to relieve tension, reduce discomfort, and improve circulation throughout your neck. Take both of your hands and use gentle pressure against the muscles on either side of your neck. Gently move them back and forth while taking a few deep breaths. As you massage, feel the stress and knots melting away as you reach a state of relaxation. This exercise only takes a few minutes and can make a world of difference when it comes to finding a moment of peace during the day.

Apply a light oil or serum to help with circulation and growth.

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Hair serums are a great way to help keep hair looking naturally healthy and hydrated. The light oils used in hair serum have have the ability to lock in moisture and nourish hair without making it look or feel greasy. This helps promote hair growth and improve circulation as the oil encourages blood flow throughout the scalp. Serums are easy to use - just apply to ends of hair or any areas of hair that looks particularly dry after showering, styling, or when exposed to environmental elements. With regular application, hair serum can aid in giving hair a soft, smooth texture while also providing extra protection against breakage.

Applying pressure to these areas with your thumbs can help relieve tension headaches. Be sure to massage in small circles and use both hands evenly. You can also finish by massaging the back of your neck for added relaxation. Adding a light oil or serum can also help with circulation and growth. Try this method next time you have a tension headache!