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The Beauty Treatment Your Hair Deserves – Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well known for promoting healthy skin, nails and hair, and it is part of a large number of beauty products. Any woman has at least one beauty care product at home that contains aloe vera in its composition. The cactus like plant has many important properties, and it is capable of eliminating bacteria and microbes, which is why it is so much appreciated. It also nourishes wherever it is applied, as the gel obtained from the plant is rich in amino-acids and vitamins. Let’s see how aloe vera can help you against hair loss.

It soothes and cools your irritated scalp

The main reason why aloe vera is seen as such a miraculous cure is its high content of vitamins essential for your skin, including the one on your scalp. However, this is not all. An irritated scalp that is constantly affected by excess of sebum, dandruff and other mishaps that basically clog the hair follicles, preventing them from functioning as they are supposed to, can be a cause for hair loss. The gel obtained from aloe vera has a soothing effect, and that will help reduce the local inflammation. You will feel your scalp less itchy and easier to deal with.

Great nourishment for your hair follicles

While hair follicles are fed from the inside, they can absorb some of the nutrients delivered via topical treatments. As already mentioned, the gel obtained from aloe vera is rich in many vitamins, such as vitamin A, E, B and C. It is also a great source of over 20 amino-acids, so it is very beneficial, no matter how it is applied. The recommended choice is to apply the gel on your scalp and let it soothe the skin there, while providing your hair follicles with the nourishment they deserve. They will become stronger and they will hold on to your hair for a longer time.

Repairing your scalp

Another great benefit offered by aloe vera is that it can repair the dead skin cells present on your scalp. These dead cells can be the root of the irritations mentioned above. The proteolytic enzymes present in aloe vera play this exact role, and that is why you will be able to enjoy a much healthier scalp and more beautiful hair when applying aloe vera treatments on a regular basis.

You can use this gel as a natural conditioner for your hair. You will love how shiny and beautiful your hair will look after offering it this type of treatment. It must be mentioned that aloe vera is known to play an active role in promoting healthy hair growth, and reduces dandruff, as well.

Use it as a hair mask

While hair care products with aloe vera can help a great deal, another great solution is to use it as a hair mask. You can mix aloe vera gel with coconut oil and apply it on your hair to nourish it overnight and rinse it in the morning. Your hair will become shiny and beautiful once again.

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