How does olive benefit your hair?

The Magic of Olea Europaea: How Does Olive Oil Benefit Your Hair?

Haircare has long been associated with luxury and privilege when, in reality, hair care can be done by everybody. Many people always seek the most luxurious products with the rarest ingredients for their hair even if they can find effective ingredients in their kitchens. From oils to fruits and vegetables, your kitchen is a vast source of hair care constituents, with Olea europaea or olive as a fine example.
Why is Olea europaea a haircare favorite, and how does it help hair grow healthy? Discover more about olive’s hair-worthy benefits and learn how to make use of it for hair growth.

The Origin of Olea Europea: How Did It Become a Hair Care Favorite?

Olea europaea, better known as olive, is a drupe considered a favorite ingredient for cooking and hair care regimens. Olive trees widely grow in different parts of the world, especially in Europe, Australia, South America, and South Africa, producing popular olive fruits. You can eat them raw or even mix them with your salads. However, olives do not only serve as your salad or pizza toppings but are also used to produce olive oil, the greasy substance that Gordon Ramsay always uses in every gourmet meal.
Olives and olive oil can do more than amplifying the taste of every dish. They can also contribute so much to hair growth. Do you want to learn more about its magic? Discover how these small rounded black or green olives and their oil can make your hair ten times better and healthier. 

Benefits of olive oil to hair

What Are the Magical Benefits of Olea Europaea for Hair Growth?

Olives and their extracted oil are widely used components in many hair care products and hair treatments? Below are the following benefits that every woman can obtain from olives and olive oil.

1. You can get loads of oleic and linoleic acids from olive oil.

What has your hair something to do with oleic and linoleic acids? These two fatty acids are, in fact, beneficial to your hair. Oleic acid helps preserve moisture that will keep each hair strand soft and hydrated, thereby making olive oil an excellent natural hair balm. Meanwhile, linoleic acid targets your hair follicles for hair growth and hair loss prevention. This fatty acid strengthens your hair follicle structure, thereby preventing hair fall and promoting continuous hair growth.

2. Your hair can prevent dryness, frizz, and breakage.

You can get three-in-one benefits from olive oil. Because of its high fatty acid content, your hair gets coated with the protective properties of oleic acid. While it can retain moisture, olive oil can also prevent your hair strands from absorbing too much water. Sometimes, you may wash your hair for a long time or apply an excessive amount of hair conditioner onto your hair. Unfortunately, these minimal mistakes may cause your hair strands to swell and start breaking. Some studies have discovered olive oil’s capability to reduce hair's water absorption from the shaft downwards.

3. Your hair follicles are well-protected, thanks to olive's antioxidants.

Haircare isn’t all about the outside surface; it also requires intensive stimulation and protection from within. For instance, oxidative damage is considered a threat to hair growth. Free radicals attack and deplete cells, which is why you need to prevent free radical damage at all costs to protect your hair. Fortunately, extra virgin oil or the least processed type of olive oil contains a high amount of antioxidants. Some studies have even discovered its oxidation resistance when used for deep frying. Not only that, but olive oil’s antioxidants can protect your hair follicles against free radicals. In fact, it is rich in vitamin E, a nutrient best known for its high antioxidant properties, which support and fortify your immune and circulatory systems.

4. You can help revive your damaged hair with olive oil's vitamins.

Olive oil is a potent source of vitamins A and E essential in repairing damaged hair. Vitamin E contributes to hair follicle growth and moisture retention for your hair to be in its best condition. On the other hand, vitamin A or retinol promotes sebum production, which can help your hair recover from dryness and frizz. This vitamin also encourages keratinocyte proliferation badly needed for building and rebuilding your hair’s structure. Olive oil also has vitamin K, which, in some ways, can prevent scalp calcification.

Is olive oil healthy?

The Big Considerations When Including Olea Europea in Your Diet

While olive oil is packed with antioxidants, remember that it is also high in fat content. For every 100 grams of olive oil, you will get 100 grams of fat, too. Though the olive oil’s fatty acids are beneficial to your hair, they can put your cardiovascular health at risk if consumed excessively. In fact, recent studies have discovered how olive oil can hamper your arteries from expanding for blood to flow. As a result, blood will take some time to reach particular tissues and organs if your arteries cannot dilate properly.
Losing weight requires cutting off high-calorie foods, and if you are conscious of calorie intake, you may need to bid goodbye to olive oil. This liquid fat has 884 calories in every 100 grams. That is how calorie-packed olive oil is! 
Hence, if you want to make olive oil a staple in your diet, it would be best to use extra virgin olive oil because it has undergone the least number of processes. Olives also have fewer calories compared to the extracted, having 115 calories per 100-grams of olive fruits.

3 Ways on How Your Hair Can Experience the Magic of Olea Europea

Even if you do not get to eat a lot of olives or use much olive oil in your favorite meals, you can still experience on hand the magic of Olea Europea for your hair. Here are three ways to make use of olive oil for hair growth.

1. Olive Oil Hair Mask

If you are looking for an in-depth hair treatment, a hair mask treatment might be the one for you. Hair masks provide intensive nourishment internally and externally. They contain various ingredients packed with all the necessary nutrients, components, and properties to restore your damaged hair. 
In this case, you may opt to use olive oil alone or mix it with other natural ingredients to create your hair mask potion. For starters, pour a few drops of olive oil on your palms and gently oil your hair and scalp while massaging them. Make sure not to leave any strand untouched for an even result. Cover your hair with a towel or a cap and leave it for 15-30 minutes before shampooing your hair.
It will also be the same with hair mask mixtures. Just add a few teaspoons of olive oil into your hair mask concoction combined with ingredients like egg yolks, coconut milk, natural yogurt, mashed bananas, and other essential oils. Please also make sure to check out some hair mask recipes according to your hair’s particular needs. 

2. Olive Oil Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioning products also depend on ingredients with moisture-retaining properties, such as olive oil. In fact, you can apply olive oil as a leave-in conditioner, letting the oil seep into your hair strands and scalp to absorb the beneficial nutrients and properties. However, if you’ve got mane as dry as the Sahara Desert, then an olive-oil-and-hair-conditioner combo is the perfect solution to your hair problem. You can also mix extra virgin olive oil with your favorite hair conditioner to boost its emollient qualities.

3. Olive Oil for Scalp Massaging

Any person can benefit from scalp massages, letting much blood circulate and reach their destinations – your hair follicles. Various researches and experiments have also seen positive results among alopecia patients who have had regular scalp massages. According to these studies, massaging your pate helps hair cells to expand, which, in turn, result in thicker hair strands. Lastly, a good scalp massage is one relaxing to get rid of stress. Remember that stress can induce hair loss problems. Hence, massaging your pate with olive oil lowers the cortisol (stress hormones) levels in your body. 

Make the Most of Your Everyday Hair Care Routine with Olive Oil.

Olea europaea is a blessing to the hair care industry. Not only do olive and its oil provide essential nutrients for hair growth and regrowth, but olive oil also makes an excellent moisturizer to manage your dry and frizzy mane. It is an all-in-one ingredient for improving hair condition, plus, it is easy to find and purchase in most supermarkets! Hence, make the most of your hair care routine with Olea europaea, and enjoy a lifetime of having the best locks one can ever have.

Keep Your Locks Soft and Hydrated with Olive Oil.

External factors, such as heat, chemicals, or pollution, can turn your hair upside down. Ensure that your hair strands are always soft and well-moisturized by using shampoo and conditioner made from the extracts of Olea europaeaLearn more about female hair loss and how olive oil can reduce hair falling out.