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Hair Growth Remedy: Benefits and Uses of Saw Palmetto

Is there something wrong with your hair? Have you noticed sudden changes like thinning hair and abrupt hair shedding? Don't panic, and just take a deep breath. Mother Nature can save your locks by providing you with a myriad of natural hair growth ingredients.
If you're itching to remediate your hair growth problems, you may want to consider this specific natural ingredient known as saw palmetto.
Learn more about this special hair-boosting ingredient's benefits and uses in promoting hair growth.

Know About Saw Palmetto

Science keeps exploring the vast world of medicinal plants, such as the saw palmetto tree. This plant belongs to the palm brethren and is a native in the Southeastern United States. The berries growing from the saw palmetto tree are used for medicinal purposes. The saw palmetto extract is used as an herbal medicine for curing illnesses such as reproductive and excretory health conditions. SP's ripe fruits are also hailed as a hair loss cure.

Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto

How can saw palmetto berries promote healthy hair growth? Here are some of the saw palmetto's benefits.

1. Decreases inflammation

Studies show that saw palmetto can curb follicle inflammations. A 2011 study investigated the anti-inflammatory characteristics of Serenoa repens or saw palmetto. The results also showed how saw palmetto could inhibit hair follicle inflammation.

 2. Balances androgen levels

A testosterone influx in the body can affect hair growth. It's a good thing that saw palmetto can balance the testosterone levels in the body. Why must your androgens be regulated? Your hair is at risk if the body's dihydrotestosterone or DHT levels begin increasing. This hormonal imbalance can shrink your hair follicles. Thanks to saw palmetto, its miracle power can inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha reductase in producing DHT. 

3. Promotes good prostate health

For men, saw palmetto also maintains the prostate gland's healthy status, since this plant-based remedy can regulate androgen levels. With the help of saw palmetto's DHT-balancing ability, this walnut-sized gland can promote healthy sperm production. 

4. Prevents excretory problems

An imbalance in testosterone levels can be a massive problem for the prostate. Irregular androgen levels can cause the abnormal enlargement of the male gland and hamper the person's ability to urinate frequently. A healthy dose of saw palmetto can help control the fluctuating androgens in the body.

 5. Serves as a libido booster

Sex drive is also affected by your body's testosterone, an androgen that gives you a punch of energy and excitement. A reduced libido indicates low testosterone levels in the body. This depletion can cause restlessness, fatigue, disinterest, and lethargy. Here's the good news: saw palmetto is an androgen balancer, regulating testosterone and promoting libido production. An increase in your libido makes you and your partner happier, satisfied, and stress-free.

6. Lowers cholesterol levels

Saw palmetto extract contains a chemical called beta-sitosterol. This plant-based substance is known to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Beta-sitosterol prevents the body from accepting excess amounts of cholesterol, which can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Aside from regulating cholesterol, it also relieves the abnormal state of the prostate gland.

7. Prevents female alopecia


Women are also at risk of female hair loss or better known as female alopecia. This hair loss condition begins with thinning hair and receding hairline. Scaly patches may even start to appear on your scalp.

There are various reasons why female alopecia occurs. Genetics is the number one perpetrator of hair loss. Aside from hereditary causes, stress can also cause your hair to fall out. When you're under a stressful state, your body begins producing more testosterone, thus increasing DHT levels. This by-product attacks your hair follicles, which can lead to hair shedding.

Science never stops seeking for alternative hair growth remedies, like saw palmetto. Several extensive studies show the effect of saw palmetto in inhibiting DHT conversion and production. A study involving 26 male patients with androgenic alopecia used examined palmetto extracts to stimulate hair growth. 60% of the participants had a significant improvement in hair growth.



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Nutrients in Saw Palmetto Extract

It is vital to choose hair growth ingredients power-packed with hair essentials. Check out the nutrients saw palmetto can offer to your hair.

1. Fatty acids

According to a 2013 study by NCBI, saw palmetto is a rich source of unique fatty acids, namely laureatemyristate, capric and oleic acid. Fatty acids regulate different bodily functions, including hair follicle growth and keratinization. Oleic acid is known to prevent your strands from losing moisture. With the help of this fatty acid, your hair becomes soft and hydrated.

2. Vitamin E

This healthy hair vitamin contains powerful antioxidants to fight against free radicals. Vitamin E also unclogs your pores, thereby maintaining hair follicle growth. Studies also show the benefits of using vitamin E for blood circulation. With the aid of this fat-soluble vitamin, your follicles can get their daily oxygen and nutrients from the blood.

Health Concerns: How safe is Saw Palmetto?

When used in moderation, saw palmetto is safe for consumption. However, some people may still experience some mild side effects such as headaches and dizziness. Others may feel constipated or nauseated. Others claim that saw palmetto can damage your liver and kidney. However, there is still a shortage of evidence to prove or disprove such claims.

Who are not supposed to use the saw palmetto as a dietary supplement? Pregnant women should not consume any form of saw palmetto, since it may trigger irregularities in hormonal levels. People who had undergone surgeries must not ingest SP supplements. Saw palmetto might hinder blood clotting and wound healing. Do not eat or drink saw palmetto until you are fully healed. 

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How to Use Saw Palmetto for Hair Growth

Learn several ways of getting saw palmetto nutrients that your hair needs. 

1. Eating raw saw palmetto berries.

The saw palmetto tree bears vitamin-enriched berries, and its ripe fruits can be used as dietary supplements. Wash the berries under running water before consuming these pungent treats.

2. Brewing saw palmetto tea

You can relax while stimulating your hair growth. Enjoy your fresh cup of saw palmetto tea. Scoop an ample amount of SP's dried berries in a tea jar. Then, pour some clean hot water and let it soak for half an hour. You can add powdered sugar, honey syrup, or fresh milk to give an extra punch of taste.

3. Using saw palmetto as a hair tonic

Let the saw palmetto berries get sun-dried before brewing them. You can also use store-bought dried SP berries if you're running out of time. Cut the small round fruits into smaller pieces and put them inside a glass container. Fill up the vessel with any grain alcohol such as vodka. You can also use apple cider vinegar to ferment the berries. Keep the berry-and-alcohol concoction for a few months before straining the berries and separating the solution. Drink this homemade saw palmetto potion daily to get your daily dose of hair-boosting nutrients.

4. Drinking saw palmetto smoothie

Beat the summer heat with this growth-enhancing smoothie. Start by gathering a variety of ingredients like grapes, orange slices, mango juice, ginseng, fresh milk, and saw palmetto berries. Blend all the ingredients until smooth and frothy. Drink this mouth-watering chilled beverage to give your hair an extra boost.

5. Cleansing your hair with saw palmetto-enriched shampoo

Saw palmetto had brought waves in the world of hair care products like hair growth shampoos. Beauty shops can provide you with cleansing shampoos loaded with saw palmetto extract. If you opt to use your personalized shampoo, add the saw palmetto tea extract in your DIY shampoo solution. 

6. Moisturizing your locks with a saw palmetto conditioner

Never skip hair conditioners. These moisturizing products seal moisture and keep your strands soft and flexible. Saw palmetto is a useful ingredient that can boost such nourishing abilities. Saw palmetto hair conditioners are also available in haircare stores. You can also use the berry extract to amplify the moisturizing and growth nutrients found on your conditioner. Apply this unique hair solution to get desirable results.

7. Massaging your scalp with saw palmetto oil serums

Indulge your mane with a good scalp massage. Lather a few drops of saw palmetto oil serum on your scalp. Then, keep massaging your head for a few minutes. This saw palmetto treatment stimulates blood flow and distributes the DHT-balancing chemicals all over your follicles and strands. Plus, a scalp massage is a great stress-reliever.

Saw Palmetto for Hair Growth: The Judgment

It's an undeniable fact that saw palmetto offers many health benefits. Saw palmetto also shows promising hair growth results. This fruit remedy can inhibit DHT effects, promote hair follicle growth, reduce scalp inflammations, and moisturize your locks. 

However, always remember to consult your doctor before using any saw palmetto-enriched supplement or product.

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