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How Vitamin H – Biotin – Works Against Female Hair Loss

The human body is complex and it needs a broad variety of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and nutrients in order to function well. Any dysfunction, including hair loss, can be associated with the lack of a certain vitamin or mineral. Biotin, or vitamin H, as it is also called, is one of the crucial compounds that play a role in growing beautiful strong hair. A short look on the market will show you that there are plenty of products for female hair care with biotin in their composition. Let’s see why this vitamin is considered so important.

Do you lack vitamin H?

avocado, egg, banana, nuts, carrots and almonds

Here is a short explanation on what biotin does inside your body. This vitamin is involved in the metabolism of amino-acids that, in turn, are used to build protein. Protein is important for your entire body, because it is responsible for the building of new cells. Even if we cannot be aware of how our body changes, there are parts of it that grow in a more visible manner, such as its nails and hair. So, biotin helps the creation of protein and protein helps the creation of new hair. When you do not have enough vitamin H in your body, you will notice your hair breaking more easily and your nails being less resistant.

The love affair between vitamin H and your hair follicles

Your hair follicles are crucial for growing strong healthy hair. When they are affected, your hair will suffer, as well. Vitamin H feeds hair follicles with the amino-acids they need so they can create new hair, and that is why having enough biotin available is imperative for beautiful hair. Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where our hair is constantly attacked by pollutants and other factors that make it weaker and prone to breakage. Biotin is great for your hair follicles and can work wonders for it.

The chemical reaction you need to know about

Biotin does more than just supplying your body with the means for creating protein needed for the growth of your hair. It also works as a stimulant for the absorption of protein. You can get the protein you need – and your hair needs – from your diet, but that does not mean that it will be properly used by your body. This is where biotin intervenes; its role is to make sure that the ingested protein is absorbed and used where needed.

Are there ways to get enough biotin?

avocado nuts and almonds

As a woman, you surely know the important of a good diet for weight loss. For beautiful hair, you should also consider a diet and a regimen. Foods rich in protein like eggs, meat and dairy are good natural sources of vitamin H. Keep in mind that you will not see the effects after just a few days of having enough protein in your diet. However, on the long run, your hair will look better and become healthier.

The use of products with vitamin H for hair care can work, too. A healthy diet is always important for a healthy body and healthy hair. But, if you want to address the problem on the spot, so to speak, you can always try hair care products with vitamin H, as their regular use can further improve the development of your hair.

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