Hair tips to make you look younger instantly

Trick and Treat: 8 Hair Tricks and Tips to Make You Look Younger Right Away

Having a reunion with your high school classmates after a long time is nerve-wracking, for they will see how much you’ve changed for the past decades. They would see how many wrinkles and fine lines are there on your face, how grey your hair strands are, and how firm or saggy your skin is. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back the time, but you can do something to make your appearance younger and fresher before the grand reunion. That solution can start with your hair.
So, how can your locks make you look youthful? Get to know more about aging and follow these eight simple yet useful hair tricks to give you an instant youthful look.

Why You Are Not Getting Younger: The Beauty of Aging

Aging is a beautiful process. It is your body’s way of showing growth, development, and degeneration. Cells do also exhaust their lifespan, causing cell deterioration that affects various organs and physiological activities. However, not everyone gets to experience the same aging process. Some people age faster than others, and this difference can be rooted in genetics, environment, lifestyle, or diet.


8 hair tips to make you look younger instantly

8 Useful Hair Tricks for an Instant Youthful Look

Here are eight helpful hair tips to give your appearance a makeover.

1. Chop your hair.

A haircut is an effective way of achieving an instant youthful look. The ends of your hair are usually the oldest and the most damaged parts of your hair, and chopping them will give your hair an instant glow. Most haircut experts also agree that having long hair past your ribs will make you instantly look older.
For starters, you can trim those split and dry ends for a fresh look. However, if you’re bold enough to chop your hair, short bobs, pixie cuts, and wedges will be perfect for your youthful taste. Shorter haircuts also emphasize your eyes, cheekbones, lips, and other special facial features, making you look more attractive. 

2. Add loose waves to your hairstyle.

Your hair doesn’t have to be short to make you look young. However, your straight hair might not be the best hairstyle to sport before a grand reunion since it may appear flat, which often happens when you’re not getting any younger. Hence, if you’ve got straight hair, try to add loose waves by curling your hair and combing your hair with a paddle brush. You may also use other volumizing products, such as mousses, leave-in conditioners, and hairsprays. These techniques will volumize your hair, making your hair thicker and healthier. Regardless of the hair length, your volumized hair will make you instantly younger-looking and radiant.

3. Dye your hair with colors that complement your skin tone.

Most women would opt to darken their hair color to hide those popping grey strands. However, it’s not about how dark your hair color is, but it is about how the hue complements your skin tone. Hence, most hairstylists recommend softer colors and highlights to brighten and accentuate your facial features, giving you a glowing appearance. It would also not be best to tint your hair with ash-colored dyes since these colors can appear similar to the color of grey strands.

4. Wash your hair with a serum conditioner.

Regular conditioners are different compared to serum conditioners. While conditioners soften and make your hair bouncier, serum conditioners do more than that. They are specially packed with proteins and other nutrients, giving instant repair to damaged hair. As a result, your hair becomes smoother, fresh-looking, and well-treated. It’s also lightweight enough not to weigh your hair down, which means it does not make your tresses appear flat.  

5. Blow-dry your hair for extra volume.

After applying your serum conditioner, blow-drying your hair would also give life to your tresses. It helps lifts your hair, making it look “thicker.” If you blow-dry your hair correctly, you will never have to worry about having dry-looking and lifeless locks. Blow-drying your roots should be done horizontally, starting at the roots and work to the ends, but make sure not to overdo this step, for you may end drying your locks too much.

6. Sport a trendy hairstyle.

Don’t let the generation gap take over your sense of style. The hairstyle you have sported during your younger years might be outdated nowadays. Hence, you may want to try wearing a few trendy hair accessories, such as bucket hats, oversized scrunchies, and headbands. However, don’t overdo it and wear an accessory that will best complement your haircut and hair color. If you opt to use a scrunchie, tie your hair in a loose ponytail to make your attempt to look younger less obvious.

7. Fill in and shape your eyebrows.

Eyebrow hair should also be prioritized when aiming for an instant youthful appearance. When your eyebrows look sparse, it can give people an impression that you’re already aging. Hence, before the grand reunion with your old friends, fill in the gaps on your eyebrows and remove excess hair strands to give your brows a neat-looking arched shape. You may also use a concealer to hide those unkempt eyebrow hairs, but it would be better to thread or wax it for a tidier look.

8. Try to sport a ponytail with long fringes for long hair.

If you don’t want to chop your hair, you may still opt to keep your long hair. However, this could make you appear older, which isn’t your goal in the first place. Sporting a loose ponytail with some long fringes on the sides will help soften your overall appearance. These layers also add texture to your hair, making it livelier than ever. Fringes also help accentuate your eyes and cheekbones while hiding those fine lines beside your eyes.

Hair care habits that will make you look older

The Big Don’ts: What Hair Care Habits Will Make You Look Older?

What hair care mistakes should you avoid to prevent looking older than what you’re supposed to like? Here are the don’ts that every woman who wants to look younger.

1. Blow-drying your wet hair without conditioning it

 Yes, you’ve read it. Blow-drying does help volumize your hair, but it works the other way around when you forget to apply a conditioner. Conditioners are specially made to coat your strands with a protective layer, thereby preserving moisture. However, with your wet hair being vulnerable to abrasions, you will need the conditioner’s help to protect your hair.

2. Growing your hair too long

There’s nothing wrong with having long hair. However, too much of everything won’t look good on you, especially if your hair is way too long. Having rib-length hair will not only take too much of your time in your hair care routine, but it will also make you look older. The hair tips, often the most damaged parts, also become visible to others, contributing to your not-so-young appearance.

3. Observing the over-washing habit

Yes, that’s right. Washing your hair many times in a day can also be quite detrimental for your tresses. Over-shampooing can remove all the oils on your scalp, including those that you need to keep those tresses shiny and smooth. This bad habit can lead to your hair’s ultimate dryness, thereby making it look lifeless. Your hair also becomes very susceptible to abrasions and breakage when it’s wet, which also doesn’t make overwashing a good hair care habit.

4. Dyeing your hair frequently

Hiding those popping grey strands needs consistency, and dyeing your hair can be quite one possible solution. However, coloring your hair frequently may end up drying and damaging your hair, which leads to an aged appearance. Some hair coloring products may contain chemicals that can damage your strands and scalp in the long run and may even lead to hair loss (which, of course, you will never want to happen).

5. Enjoying an unhealthy lifestyle

Aging can hasten when your lifestyle isn’t healthy at all. Not only does it make you sick, but your hair and skin also start losing glow. Eating unhealthy meals, sleeping late at night, drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and all other activities that may contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle will make you look old, and you may even lose your hair.

Your Hair is the Key to a Youthful Appearance.

Nowadays, almost all women are focused on using skincare products to delay all skin signs of aging. However, many of them also tend to neglect how hair care is also essential in keeping their youthful appearance. Therefore, it would be best to be meticulous with the things that you do for your hair. A single hair care mistake can affect your overall appearance. You may be able to achieve an instant young-looking aura, but you should also work on improving your hair’s long-term health.

Achieve Your Ageless Look Starting Today.

Start revamping your hair care regimen to achieve an age-defying appearance. Use only the best hair growth productsWomen with thinning hair can use a hair thickening shampoo for extra volume. Don’t forget to use the best shampoo and conditioner to achieve the long-term ageless effect you’ve always wanted for your locks.